Creative and Innovative Small House in Traditional Design

Small Kitchen View With Wood Cabinetry And Sun Light In

This small house is designed in a very unique and different idea. Resembling like a house with four wheels, you can see how lovely the house is. The house is surrounded by beautiful green trees which look very dry and there you can feel like living inside the jungle. Do you want to see the details of the house? Here we have some pictures about this creative small house. Here we go.

Look at the picture. In the first picture, we can see the house is made from wooden materials in bright brown color. The house looks like a walking house because it has wheels. The small house is designed especially for the designer, his girlfriend and his dog. The designer is Alex Lisefski who already completed his tiny project about this house. This house is very cool and stylist. This is a very brilliant idea with brilliant small house design.

When we come into the house, the entire of the house is made from wooden materials in bright brown color and painted in white color. The room is very functional. There is a fan stick on the ceiling and there is a book rack near by the ceiling. It is only a small book rack but at least it is enough to place books that you used to read. Near by the room, there is a wooden table which has bright brown color complete with the chair. The computer and laptop are put on there.

The house has a very smart lighting that comes from the glass windows. There are ten glass windows that you can see surrounded the house. The house has also a glass door. The wooden floor has dark brown color and it looks cool. There is a blue sofa where you can use to welcome your guests here. Small house design ideas like these will be a very nice idea especially for you who want to remodel your house with your own creative design.

Small Living Room With Grey Sofa And Wooden Table For Eating Also Bright Interior

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The Long Of Interior Details From Kitchen To The Door Enterence

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