Cozy Rustic Apartment in Switzerland by Fanetti

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Rustic style of design is something normally associated with rough wooden details. There is a difference in value between a rustic design and antique design. However, this rustic apartment designed by Gianluca Fanetti in Switzerland is an exhibition of what exclusive and cozy values may also be brought to the presentation even by retaining the rustic style of design. As with other architectural firms or architects from Italy, Fanetti is really skillful in forging the magnificent details of the interior parts of this traditional yet elegant looking apartment.

The Rustic Apartment Central Room

As for many other apartments, this particular rustic apartment design implements extensive usage of woods. What makes it differ from typical rustic architectural works is the detail on the surface of the wooden materials it uses. Typically, rustic is more identical with rough wooden design whose surface displays a rough and unpolished look. The way that the work from Fanetti shows otherwise by retaining the beauty and smooth details are what contributing in making excellent appearance.

As for being an apartment, also, the space provided in its building is not really large. Therefore, it is of great necessity to efficiently use every space. This compactness requirement sets the featuring of a central room. This central room is a room without adequate segmentation like one featured in a house. Many rooms are comprised within this single room. Most important ones are living room and family room. This room presents an elegant presentation of a room whose most of furnishing items are made of wood. Exceptions would be electric devices like television.

Some Magnificent Stairs of the Rustic Apartment

A set of staircases is a particular detail that appears often inside this apartment. However, there is also the recurring creativity that contributes to the making of wonderful aesthetic values of the rustic interior design. In fact, such creativity is what makes the design of the stairs really captivating. Take the staircase in the central room as an example. The stairs are planks of woods, attached by their sides on to the wall. There is also another set of staircase positioned in the middle that divides two rooms in unique symmetrical way.

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