Cozy Modern Home with Refreshing and Lush Vegetations Surrounding

Stone Panel Side Pool Decor And Lush Grass Also Relaxing Garden With Trees

We all know that the refreshing and nature surrounding will help defining the amenities within our residence. It is because of the relaxing vibe resulted from the fresh air flowing throughout this space. Thus, it is no wonder that people tend to dream of having a retreat on the beach or mountain that provides the wonderful natural view surrounding. But if you have a wide and spacious lot, why don’t you build your own modern home that blends in harmony with the lush and green environment?

Related to this situation, the reason why this Bosque da Ribeira, a refreshing modern home built and designed by Anastasia Arquitetos would be a great inspiration for you is the location of this home. Located Nova Line, near one of the largest cities in Brazil will show you how possible it is to keep your dynamic modern life with the natural environment in balance. The simple exterior, which showcases the warm wood element, blends with the green outdoors in beautiful harmony.

As you can see, the green area within this Bosque da Ribeira exposes the lush vegetations in varying types. Not only the lush grass, you can also see the green trees and small plants as well as the refreshing palm tree. You can also see the perfect mix by the designer, on how combining the exterior element with the green vegetation. For example, you can see this gorgeous mix of concrete wall and granite stairs with green grass that leads you to the entrance. Other way, you can also notice this refreshing pool area with lush grass.

Stepping inside, you can see how the exterior for this refreshing modern home design may affect the open interior thoroughly. As you can see, the design successfully allows the interior to feel the unobstructed refreshing air flowing throughout each space. The design also provides the ability to let the interior experiencing the same refreshing view of the lush green. Undoubtedly, this home will help redefining the meaning of harmony of modernity and nature to another level.

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