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Mesmerizing Apartment White Table Ideas Kitchen Combination

My journey to Iceland was not in vain, because I stumbled upon a very cool rejkjavik apartment there. Located in Iceland’s Rejkjavik, the apartment has a minimalist design where the white color dominates every corner of the apartment. The apartment is simple and not that complicated, but I think that is what makes it cool. The simplicity makes everything looks so trendy and stylish, and there is the white factor that just makes everything better. This apartment definitely suits the cold environment of Iceland.

Rejkjavik Apartment’s Charm in White

When I said that every corner of Rejkjavik apartment by Gudmundur Jonsson Arkitektkontor is wrapped in white, I really mean it. Just look at the living room and kitchen combination. White coaches are placed across the black television that is attached to the white wall. The living room set consists of a leather white couch and a cushion chair of the same kind and color, and the set is completed with the white coffee table in the middle. Next to the living room set is the kitchen set that consists of an island attached connected to a white pillar, having a pair of silver modern bar chairs to make the black marble top reachable. The kitchen cabinets also have the same fate of wrapped in white.

The bathroom has the same kind of theme but also has a style that is more trendy and modern. The shower and the drying area are divided with a single glass. The shower area has three thin shelves installed on the wall for the soaps, and at the top of the shelves is where the mini window is located. The drying area has a cabinet that is decked with mirrors at its fronts. Under the cabinet is where the white sink is located, next to the mini white toilet that has a modern design.

Coolness of Rejkjavik Apartment

As it can be seen, everything about this apartment is compact and is in white. Thankfully it is in white, because that is the whole reason why this apartment feels so spacey and breezy despite of the small size of the apartment. Moreover, the apartment has the direct view of a famous church and museum in Iceland through its window! Is not that cool? Yep, this minimalist Rejkjavik apartment by Gudmundur Jonsson Arkitektkontor is definitely cool.

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