Cool Home Studio in Unusual Modern Design

Colorful Studio Home Bathroom Tile With Stainless Sink Faucet And White Closet

What if we have to combine our office and our home or creating home studio? It seems that it is not an easy task. Combining the professional and private space can be so complicated. The space must look professional as an office. At the same time, the space must look cozy and comforting as a residence. This studio of an artist in Brooklyn gives you a representative example of the studio design that also has its function as a residence.

The modern home studio has its strong character of applying the contemporary concept. The minimalist concept makes the owner should utilize the room maximally. However, the style is still the important part of this contemporary design. Therefore, the combination of the objects and the furniture arrangement are the essential elements to consider. The spacious living room can also be the lobby for home office. The tile flooring with the soft color gives the warmth and welcoming sense. A pair of stripes couch gives the accent of monochrome theme furniture with the lower black table between them. The white painted wall makes this room look neutral both as home and office.

The colorful square is arranged on one sides of the wall. The traditional fireplace is placed beside it. Made of red bricks, the natural touch of this fireplace can light up the room. The spacious room as the working room is bright with the white theme. The white wall and the white flooring make the room looks sleek and clean. The large painting is hung on the wall to give the artistic decoration.

The ceiling is made of the wooden beams with soft white lighting on it. The large shelves with books on it can be placed on the side of the wall. The bedroom is designed with the same concept, having large glass windows and door to allow the natural view outdoor. The bathroom has its artistic value with the colorful tile on its wall. Home studio arrangement can be cool with the combination of the professional and private needs.

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