Convenient Self-Made Bathtub and How to Build It

Self Made Bathtub Duravit Wood Panelled Bathroom Furniture Plan

The world of self-made bathtub and related things like that has been made easier now all thanks to Duravit. With their professional working ethic that makes them survive for more than two hundred years creating bathroom furniture set, Duravit now has created an east Do-It-Yourself bathtub where the customer can create his own bathtub without having to call for professional help whatsoever. I am sure buying the DIY bathtub by Duravit would give an experience no other bathtubs can give.

How to Install Self-Made Bathtub

The installation of the self-made bathtub by Duravit is not that hard, really. Do not worry about building the bathtub from scratch because that is not what this DIY bathtub is all about. The bathtub is ready already, decked in white porcelain and complete with the tap and the controller of the water. However, the bathtub will definitely look odd because it has no frame whatsoever to beautify it. That is right; the bathtub comes with no frame or any holder that hides the metallic structure of the bathtub.

However, this is where we come in. This is what the “Do-It-Yourself” is all about. Duravit provides the panels that can hide the inner structure of the bathtub, and we the customers will attach the panels by ourselves. It is not that hard though, really. The entire customer needed is to attach the wooden panels with each other at the corners and to make sure that the screw holding the panels together are actually properly installed properly. If the customer did his job properly, then he will get an elegant porcelain bathtub with self-made wooden panels for the bathtub. That is definitely something that can be boasted about!

Self-Made Bathtub for Experience

If it can be noticed, the creation of the bathtub’s panels is not that hard, really. It is so easy that even the youngest person with little experience can create the bathtub. However, that is the whole point of the bathtub. By doing something we do not usually do, we give ourselves a new kind of experience that will definitely boost our confident and experiences. This way, we open ourselves to a whole new kind of world and knowledge. All of this can be gotten just from a simple self-made bathtub by Duravit!

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