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Who would not want an innovative bathroom? A bathroom with innovation is definitely something that every resident (more like every housewives) dream of. This is because this kind of bathtub usually has some kind of unique design that will benefit the residents as a whole when it comes to the bathroom. Moreover, these kinds of bathtubs usually have some unique or unusual design that will definitely enhance the bathroom.

Innovative Bathtub as More Than a Bathtub

Here is the thing that makes the innovative bathtub by Royo Group as one of my favorites bathtubs. At first, the bathtub looks like nothing outstanding. After all, what makes a square bathtub outstanding? It is made with white porcelain that can be seen from the dent and frame of the bathtub. There is some kind of ordinary addition of sides being made with black marble to give some variety into the bathroom. At the longer side of the bathtub, the bottom part has two white squares that are separated by a single line. What can be so great from such bathtub?

Do not judge a bathtub by its outside, because the inside of this bathtub is just amazing. The two white squares at the longer side are more than just squares because they are actually the doors that lead to the drawers of the bathtub. That is right, there are two drawers installed at the longer side of the bathtub. There are also additional two drawers under the white drawers, but the two other drawers are smaller because they are sliding drawers. The bathtub might not be in porcelain but in wood instead, but the basic point is still the same: the bathtubs have drawer. This is what makes the bathtubs special.

Having More Space with Innovative Bathtub

Is it not amazing how there are some features hidden inside such simple bathtub? The convenient design of the bathtub will definitely surprise many people out there. The bathtub does not give surprise only though, as the drawers give more space inside the bathroom for the owners. It is so great to have additional space inside the house without renovating or do anything weird with the house, and this is all thanks to the surprising yet simple innovative bathtub by Royo Group!

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