Contemporary Malibu Home as the Perfect Living in Malibu

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One thing that you cannot forget from Malibu is the contemporary Malibu home which is existing there. Malibu is one of the favorite places for the people so that many people are interested to build a house there. The perfect location to support the Malibu environment is commonly next to the ocean or beaches. It is because Malibu has wonderful beaches from the Pacific Ocean. This condition can be one of the advantages that you can get from having a home next to the ocean. It is such of perfect location to have wonderful home environment.
First moment I see the front appearance of the house, I directly feel amazed about how the house is standing. It is so lovable to see this two levels home which is standing beautifully and suspended by the wooden platform above. This kind of platform is correctly used to support the beautiful surrounding environment. This house is also designed similar to the contemporary Malibu apartment. Both the contemporary house and apartment tend to build next to the ocean. Those building also have the similarities on its interior designs.
When you are going to enter this Malibu home, you will feel excited welcome by the relaxation seats with such as beach umbrellas on the terrace . This composition on the terrace must be designed to support the beach in front of the house. You may want to try sitting here while having relaxation at the same time. Besides, the terrace either in the upper or lower level are hedged by the glass fences. So, you will be allowed to enjoy the view of beach in front of the house. It would be such of exciting moment you have here.
If you enter the house further, you will find the open living room and dining room after the terrace. That room is directly connected to the exterior terrace. This home is designed simple and minimalist but still creating the modernity of the design. It is also supported by the use of simple color palette such as white, black, and grey which are blending beautifully. If you are not willing too much on the modern design, you may try to have traditional Malibu apartment which is also available in Malibu.

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