Contemporary Lincoln Park Residence in Chicago

Great Lincoln Park Residence Wooden Stairscase Ideas And Minimalist Furniture

It has been long time for me no to visit my sister’s Lincoln Park Residence which is located in Chicago. I really long that house because there are many interesting things those I can find. Actually, at the first time I arrived on the front area of her house, the first impression that comes in to my mind was beautiful and luxurious. From the outside of her modern home living, I was so interested in the exterior design of her house. It is caused by her exterior design is equipped and designed well. From the outside, it is know that the interior and the architecture of her new house are designed in a luxurious design.

Exterior and Surrounding of Lincoln Park Residence

Before, I entered the house; I enjoyed first the exterior and the surroundings in that Lincoln Park Residence Design. When I arrived at her house for the first time, I was greeted by a unique fence design. After I enjoyed the unique and creative exterior design of her house, I entered the house. At the first time I entered the house I saw there is a very good floor. That floor is very amazing and interesting because it has a great combination.

The combination consists of tiles and wooden material. It is a very good flooring idea. I moved to the living room design of her house, in the living room of her house, I saw there are several sets of sofa and they are very comfortable. While I was sitting on that, I felt the comfort of it’s and I enjoyed the atmosphere of a modern home living as well.

Modern Kitchen in Lincoln Park Residence

There is also a very good interior design which is very beautiful to be applied in such modern kitchen design. My sister told me that the architectural of her house was made by one of the best interior designers and he designed it in a creative and unique design. After I enjoyed the living room, I moved to the other side of house. In the one of the sides of the kitchen of the Lincoln Park Home design, I saw there is a very luxurious and comfortable dining room.

Lincoln Park Residence White Wall Wooden Floor

Minimalist Bedroom White Ceilling Wooden Floor Design

Minimalist Lincoln Park Residence For Dining Room Round Table Hanging Lamp Large Window

Simple Lincoln Park Residence Wooden Floor Round Table Rusty Classic Cupboard

Amazing Cupboard Home Library With Simple Bright Chair

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