Contemporary Home Design with Ocean as Romantic Scenery View

Aris Caves In Oia Santorini Vew Hotel With Seafront Design

Have you seen contemporary home design with romantic scenery view? Hotel, apartment and home which are located near the ocean or beach will be a destination for the holiday and honey moon. That’s why many places with beautiful beach have many tourists come to that country such as Bali in Indonesia, Santorini and Hawai. The beautiful beach of that place is very impressive. So, many businessmen build home, apartment and hotel around there. If you are one of them who want to build a home in near beach or ocean, that’s better you check this one out.

Here, some of pictures with home designs are served special for you. The pictures are the example of one hotel in Santorini with the name Aris Caves. The hotel is so amazing. You can see here, the ocean in the blue color make very romantic atmosphere around the apartment. You can build a home with this hotel performance as the inspiration to create contemporary home design ideas. Then, romantic ocean is not enough just from ocean, the cheerful flower in the pot is arranged in each stair, table, and everywhere in that place. It is really romantic is not it? In the rooftop, the people can enjoy the ocean as romantic scenery view. If they feel worry about sunburn, they can open the umbrella to keep them from it. Set of table and chair is simple model. Some stones have great function to increase the performance of that home also with these unique shapes. This place is best choice for refreshing and relaxing your mind and body.

Let’s see the pictures within inside home. The bedroom is designed with simple decoration full with white color. It is like a color for marriage. So, this place is best place for honeymoon. The calm shine comes from cute lampshade in the right and left side of the bed. Then, next to bed there is dining room with a set of table and mini kitchen with open roof design. Appearance of the bathroom is also simple completely with white color as design and decoration.

The pictures are great pictures with romantic atmosphere. All of them are the appearance of every single parts of the hotel in Santorini which can increase your inspiration to make contemporary home design plans near the ocean.

Awesome Aris Caves Terrace With Outdoor Lounge Umbrela

Aris Caves Entry With Rustic Swing Door

Aris Caves Exterior  With Stone Cladding Stairs

Aris Caves Historical Hotel With Amazing Sea Panoramic

Cave Bathroom Design With Small Size Bathroom Decor

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