Connecting with Austria’s Landscape with Wooden Box House Concept

Beautiful Wooden House In Austria Modern Wood House Design

There are so many best places to live your family. You really want to live in the perfect environment because you really want to give better living for your children and family too. How about living in Austria? Some people really have a dream to live in the Alps Austria because this place is famous as perfect place to get joyful life with family. When you stay in this area, then you will think that you are inside one of fairy tale stories. For all of you who really want to live in this place then you must check this wooden box house concept that attracts some people’s eye now.

Some of you don’t know about wooden box house. As we can see from the name, this house will have square concept and some materials are made from wood. This house is attracting most people who see this house in Austria. It is Emberger Residence. This box house is made by LP Architektur and it is wonderful house concept. This house is located in Wagrain area and this house really can blend with the Austria Landscape in good way. Some people who see this house will really want to enter this house to see the interior of this house. The exterior of this house is dominated with wooden material and we can see triangular roof.

This wooden box house really wants to show the warm living concept in the middle of large green area. This house helps people to get comfort and also safety when they live in this house. The bonus that people will get is the most incredible views of the valley and mountains near this house. This house is divided into two floor levels and the levels will be able to accommodate kitchen, play room for children, bedrooms and also social area. The wooden material in this house makes this house looks strong and sturdy.
Wooden Box House

Emberger Residence With Wooden Box House Design And Green Landscape

Beautiful Modern Village Wooden House With Sleek Residence Design

Wooden Emberger House With Triangular Roof And Wood Exterior

Wooden Interior With Black Sofa And Skyhigh Roof

Wood Interior With Walls Wrapped In Wood

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