Compact Kitchen Portraits that Shows Reality

Kitchen Portraits Kitchen As Metaphor Of A Multicultural Decor

Whoever said that cupboards cannot have an open design should definitely take a look at Kitchen Portraits. Well, it cannot really be touched because, like the name suggested, the whole thing is actually just a portrait. Believing that kitchens represent the multicultural concept of the house, Erik Wolterink decided to assemble a bunch of cupboards together and create portraits where the cupboards are placed next to each other. What a great way to show the message he has been trying to convey its fans about kitchen!

Kitchen’s Every Aspect in Kitchen Portraits

It is amazing how Kitchen Portraits by Erik Klein Wolterink is manipulated. Even though they are pictures of cupboards only, the viewer will not realize it because of the positions of the cupboards. They are not scattered all over the portraits just like what people thought, no. Through technology, Wolterink puts all the cupboards under the top of a counter top. If that is not an option, Wolterink will place the cupboards above the sinks to make them look like attached cabinets. Some of the cupboards are also designed vertically, making the whole thing look like a refrigerator. Such manipulation will leave some people speechless and in awe.

When I said that the portraits show the multicultural reality of the kitchen, I really mean it. There are many things stored inside the cupboards Wolterink uses for his portraits. Everything is there, making the kitchen look complete. Every kitchen utilities are stored in the cupboards, from wine glass to plates. Foods such as jams and breads are also in the cupboards. Even the trashes that are in the trash machine can be seen. Everybody’s kitchens are exposed in these portraits, not leaving one corner of the kitchen for a breather.

Amazing Kitchens in Kitchen Portraits

Some people might see the portraits as a bunch of nonsense, but I see it as something beautiful. Even though everything is cramped into one in the portraits, the portraits show the different aspects of kitchens that have never been seen before. I mean, who would have thought that kitchens in this world are filled with so many different things in one room? Everything about the kitchens manipulated in the unique Kitchen Portraits by Erik Klein Wolterink makes kitchens look so amazing, I will never look at kitchens the same way again now.

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