Colorful Interior of Hotel as Homey and Comfort Place

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My friend asks me to do homework together. Now she lives in a hotel that is located nearby my house. In my view this hotel is most precious hotel in Switzerland. I am impressed of colorful interior of hotel when she takes me inside. Decoration of this living space is really inspiring and attractive. I never stop being astonished because of colorful design of this interior. She asks me to sit on modern sofa that is covered with plaid pattern fabric. Each pattern has different colors. Several sofa cushions in different colors are placed on this sofa. Round carpet layers wooden floor in this room. This carpet is designed with colorful pattern.

Bay window made of glass over this living space looks great. Nearby colorful furniture, there are indoor plants in pots set on edge of staircase. These indoor plants provide fresh air in this room. I go down through this staircase in order to see other living spaces that are designed in assorted colors too. This staircase is made of wood with grating baluster. Modern lamps that are crafted in abstract design spread red lights. These pendant lamps are created like piles of curve lines. In addition bead board in this room is painted in red color, so red theme seems glaring here.

This living space is designed as private bars. Bead board is decorated with wrinkle lines of wallpaper in white color. I find hidden lights here and there that create amazing lighting effect. Even, countertop is equipped with hidden lights. Stool bars over this countertop are polished in assorted colors. One of bead board is embellished with abstract from of mirrors. Of course, there are some indoor plants fitted in this living room to give freshening atmosphere.

Next to small bar, there are two swing chairs in red and green color. These chairs are embellished in colorful cushions. Small table in green color is designed unusually to complete these chairs. Round table placed around these chairs is placed with several indoor plants in pot. Modern floor lamps are set to enlighten this room. Even bathroom is designed with colorful bathroom furniture.

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