Colorful Hotel: Spoiled to the Eyes

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My first impression on this colorful hotel is not about luxury, but about the cozy and fun feelings that comes out from the exquisite design. The guests are welcoming with very friendly colorful reception counter. One noticeable design that applies to almost every room is the presence of colorful lazy chair with stripe elastic rubber adornment. Usually this kind of chair was found on the side of the pool or the beach, place where people need to sit after having water activity. Give bold statement about this surfing hotel.

This colorful hotel decoration is full of modern touch such as half circle big pendant light with various colors. Near the reception, this a cozy cafe take place in the middle of the hotel with no boundaries with the other hotel public area. This cafe is made to blend with the hotel surrounding. At a glance, this cafe look like hotel waiting area. The different between the hotel and the cafe is the place of rug underneath the cafe table. At the corner of the hall is the cafe counter. The guests can choose whether they want to sit in a cozy and pleasant sofa, stripe lazy chair, sleek modern chairs, and simple wooden chairs or just in simple green stool. The table is also varying from rectangular simple wooden coffee table or modern round white table.

Room for the selling point for this hotel is colored with basically white color. White walls, white beds, white curtains, and even white pineapple adornment make this small room look bigger and brighter. The room consists of a rectangular wooden study table and one round table in the corner of the room. The chairs consist of white and orange color. On the top of the study table is place red study lamp and a flat TV. The most appealing part of this room is the opener to the sea. A simple balcony at the point of the room is very beautiful. You can breathe, feel and see the sense of sea whispers your name. There is nothing more soothing than the sea mesmerize beauty.

Every one need to eat, it is one basic human needs. This hotel provides a great selection of food in their restaurant. Similar with the other area, this restaurant also has freedom colorful hotel decoration atmosphere around with literally open kitchen where you can see the chef cooking and the entire ingredient either place in the shelf or hanging on the walls. One stop dinner that spoiled your tummy and eyes.

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