Color Selection for Your Home Interior

Complementary Color Idea In Lounge Room With Rustic Furniture And Wood Fireplace Decor

When you design your house interior, what is the first part that you do a lot with? Well, some of you might do thinking about your wall painting first followed with the furnishing interior; some do with the furnishing interior first before the wall painting. It is all up to you and there is nothing wrong with the both ways. But you know what, first of all, why don’t you try to think about what color that you will have to your house? Color selection can do a lot to your house, or else, it shows how your style and personality are.

The two basic ways are, you pick the best color selection not to be on your walls, but in the furniture, or else, you prefer to highlight you interior design on the wall color and let the furniture to follow the wall color. Take a look on the picture, this room is painted with the neutral color, white, and the color is used for the furniture, starting from the colorful rug, the colorful framed artwork, a patterned sofa, the yellow fruit on the table and any other colored decorations.

In other picture you will see the usage of color is applied in the wall and the furniture is left with neutral color. The blue wall is the central focus in that room, while the furniture like the framed paintings, the standing lamp, sofa, table, or even decorations use color like brown and white. Separating the color of the upstairs from the downstairs can be a good idea too. The downstairs that mostly used for the living room or dining room is better to have soft color. The upstairs that mostly used for the main bedroom and children room may have more bright color that defines each family member personality.

You can do like this to your home interior too. Choose the best color that fits to your personality and your interior furniture. This best color selection ideas are what you need to start to paint your home.

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