Classy Kitchen Design Ideas Sticks Out Sparkling and Bright View

Astounding Kitchen Design Ideas Wall Hook On Green Beadboard Wall Painting Glass Wall

I cannot stop admiring interior design of my brother’s house that presents bright and vivid visualization. I keep up staying at his house because this house is designed by considering comfort aspect. Each design of living space in his house becomes inspiration for anyone who wants to decorate their houses. Even kitchen in his house is also decorated in green view in order to provide freshness over room. Beadboard surrounding kitchen is painted in bright green color and so is ceiling on this kitchen. There is stainless steel range hood available here which makes kitchen seem glossy. Kitchen Design Ideas in this house tend to adopt bright and fresh sight.

Kitchen Design Ideas with Bright View

Glass wall in kitchen enables me to see leafy greenery on courtyard that provides fresh atmosphere and shady place. In addition, this glass wall lets sunlight brighten kitchen optimally. Laminate base kitchen cabinet symbolizes natural view of kitchen design. Glossy white kitchen island is derived from white marble. There are many vegetables lay on this glossy kitchen island. Wall hook on green Beadboard enables to store kitchenware neatly. Tall kitchen cabinet with kitchen appliances inside is polished in white color to strengthen bright Kitchen Design Ideas.

Luxurious Kitchen Design Ideas

After I visit my brother’s house, I decide to visit his girlfriend’s house because my brother asks me to give her a gift. In her house I find luxurious design of interior furnished with shiny furniture. She is cooking when I arrive at her house. Kitchen is furnished with lacquered wooden furniture which is able to spread warm atmosphere.

Wooden kitchen cabinets in this house are equipped with stainless steel handles on each door. Kitchen backsplash seems so shiny because of kitchen backsplash lights. Modern kitchen appliances applied here are crafted of stainless steel considered as durable and tough material. Silver freezer nearby wooden kitchen set is utilized to store a lot of vegetables. Kitchen island is covered with dark marble. I see wall mounted table made of glass next to kitchen island. Metallic side chairs surround this glass table. Glass pendant lamp is fitted to complete luxurious and bright Kitchen Design Ideas.

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