Christmas Decoration Bring the Magic into Your Living Room

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There will be no Christmas without Christmas decoration. This holly day will be meaning full since whole family would prefer to gather around and feel the warmth of sharing and giving. Since it is about giving, do not forget to include boxes of gifts for Christmas day in your living room. This beautiful decoration does not have any big Christmas tree, but it has two small white Christmas tree decorated in pink-red glitter decoration balls. I like the idea that having Christmas does not to be exaggerated, but with simple yet sweet decoration will be enough especially for small houses with limited space. Besides, the basic idea already shown, gift on the sofa.

To many people Christmas is also identical with red and green color. For those who does not like too many décor and prefer simple but still carry red-green Christmas decoration theme, this idea can be a great example. With basic color of the living room is white, red and green décor is very stands out in this room. The decoration does not need to be form in big size, but small size already give bold statement about Christmas. The owner cleverly turns the usual green big Christmas tree with three minis red beautiful Christmas tree on the side of the fire place.  A big green mistletoe leaf ring is place on the top of the fireplace with cute mini décor.

Enough with minimize décor, now it is turn to have luxury Christmas decoration. Gold and gold is dominating this living room of this Victorian era. Although the room does not have big decorated Christmas tree, but it has four minis golden Christmas trees on the top of the fireplace along with four golden candles. This room even has two golden deer on the coffee table. The deer are identical with Santa Claus pole deer. Feel the spirit and enjoy the spirit.

While most people playing with green and red color to show their Christmas spirit, this Christmas decoration ideas dare to be different. This bluish Christmas décor shows notuhing but stack of gifts in the open shelf next to the blue Christmas tree décor. But this simplicity stands out since you do not have to pour cotton to make snow-like decoration, but the ambiance already show it. The white rug at the bottom of the tree gives another image of snowy environment. Magic that brought in to the room.

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