Children’s Bedroom Designed in Assorted Color Furniture

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In order to get additional income, I accept job to look after children of my neighbor. As usual, I have to wake children up before, they go to school. When I arrive at my neighbor’s house, I directly come into children’s bedroom where a daughter is sleeping. I am impressed of bedroom design that looks so cute and feminine. Color dominating this bedroom is pink but other bright color such as orange and yellow are inserted in this room. I find loft bed decorated in pink with floral pattern railing in orange. To reach this loft bed, she needs to climb up small staircase placed nearby bead board.

Bead board over this room is painted in pink representing feminine and cute image. Mattress applied on bed loft is covered by pink bed sheet. Under loft bed is occupied as a space to sit and get in touch. This space is furnished with assorted color of chairs and tables. Yellow chair, yellow bench and red chair under loft bed are equipped with small table in white color. On this white table, there is ball table lamp result soft light. Post sides of loft bed forms bead board surrounding this colorful furniture. I see butterfly sticker embellish this space that make colorful children’s bedroom livelier.

I catch hidden light fitted on staircase next to loft bed that creates warm and soft light in this room. Sofa cushions in floral print and bright color embellish chairs applied in this room. Floor in this room is layered with purple fur rug. Desk of untreated wood with sectional table lamp on it makes children comfort in studying. Pink chair is applied to furnish this desk. On wall there is pink box shelf to store frame of photograph and books. Wardrobe and drawers in this bedroom is painted in assorted color including orange, yellow, and pink.

Then I come into another amazing children’s bedroom design that represents cozy ambiance for children. This bedroom is intended for my neighbor’s son. Bead board over this room is colored in black. Orange and yellow colors dominate this loft bed. However, bed posts are painted in dark color too. Under bed loft there is desk with ball table lamp. Orange swivel chair is fixed to accompany this desk. Drawer under desk is polished in orange too.

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Bedroom Red Carpet Orange Cabinet Black Wall

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Kids Bedroom Orange Stairs Red Unique Lamp Yellow Pillow

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