Chic Ramblas Hotel Offers Unique Decoration Amusing Visitors

Artistic Ball Pendant Lamp Red Round Carpet Attractive Stool Bars Shiny Gold Table

My brother takes me into his friend’s birthday party held in Chic Ramblas Hotel. I have heard Ramblas hotel from my friend that it belongs to most unique hotel in Barcelona. Based on information I get this hotel is designed by well-known designer of Lagranja Design. I like to sit in bar which has been prepared with unique decoration. Wooden arm chair crafted with padded is polished in assorted color including red, black, yellow, grey, and many more. Wooden round coffee table is set around these chairs. Floor of this space is layered with colorful round carpet such as purple, yellow, and green. Furniture set is embellished with modern floor lamp.

I am impressed of antique car that is placed in middle of this space as artistic icon that interest guests to visit this place. Curtain in soft color is fitted on some spot of this space. I prefer to sit on seat arranged next to glass window so I can enjoy sight outside. In my view Chic Ramblas hotel decoration looks so warm and romantic. Around this space, there is round table designed with glossy gold color. This artistic table is surrounded with bar stools wrapped with various pattern. Under this table there is red round carpet layering dark floor.

Above this round table, I see artistic ball pendant lamp that spreads warm lighting over room. Lights reflected by this pendant lamp are not too dark and not too bright. I appreciate unique style of front desk in this hotel. Front desk is covered with high gloss countertop. What makes this front desk different from common front desk is a large number suitcase functions as post. On this front desk, I find artistic table lamp in round shape. Behind receptionist, there is key storage that is supported with magnet key rings.

I enjoy food served on wooden bar set next to glass window. I assume that rustic Chic Ramblas Hotel decoration will amuse anyone who visits it. All foods are served on valuable glassware. In addition this hotel is equipped with billiard designed in cozy ambiance. White billiard table is crafted in unique design. Abstract pendant lamp enlighten this table, I see white curtain over this space and a large mirror reflecting all things existing here. Assorted colors hidden lights give unique effect toward this room.

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Classic Car Dark Floor Modern Floor Lamp Colorful Round Carpet

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