“Chez Ric et Fer” Bed & Breakfast with Interesting Guest Room Concept

Architecture Project Bb Chez Ric Et Fer Beautiful French Attic Design

There are some photos that are received from Fernanda Gamba and Richard. The photos were taken in one of a bed and breakfast in France, Chez Ric & Fer. Actually there were lots of guest houses and guest rooms that were seen in the photos. All the guest rooms design that were seen in the photos are amazing including one of attic rooms that attracted my attention.

Location of Bed & Breakfast Chez Ric et Fer

Before we see the amazing attic room in this guest house, we must know first the detail location of Bed & Breakfast Chez Ric et Fer. Actually this place is located in Coucy le Chateau. It is famous town in Northern France and it becomes the influence town in World War I. There are some stories behind this attic guest room. We will find the story behind this guest house from Fernanda.

Story Behind Guest Room

The house actually was the dream house of Fernanda. Last year, Fernanda and family decided to open Bed and Breakfast at home. The guest house was made by mixing modern and vintage design. Fernanda added some colors and roundness shape in the room. People will be able to know that the owner is music’s lover because there is French Teppas turntable in each of rooms. There are some photographs of some people who have already stayed at Bed and Breakfast. It becomes the best souvenir from this guest house. When there are new guests that come to Bed and Breakfast, they will know that there are lots of people coming to this guest house. You can see the photos and the information in the site. You can see the real guest room from some photos.

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