Charming Bathroom Color for Elegant and Clean Impression

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In most case, bathroom color generally is color derived from a group of bright color. However for those of you that love dark colors like black do not hesitate to apply it to your bathing units. This because black color would still looks attractive when it is combined with white color. The combination of black and white color makes the bathroom look more dynamic and have more character. Use a white background and then combine dark black as an accent color that gives the impression of elegance to the bathroom in your home. With a blend of two colors, bath time becomes more enjoyable.

As a background, the white color was applied to the area of the wall. The white color can be obtained from wall paint or ceramic wear and even furniture. From the application of white color that dominates, the bathroom furniture will look cleaner, healthier, and make freely for anyone who was in it. White can also bring a soothing feel of freshness so you feel more relaxed when cleaned up in this area.

Then show the color black as a contrast effect that makes the bathroom seem interesting by the presence of a bathtub, toilet, and sink. Splashes of black color on the furniture are able to create an impression of elegance and make the white color appears not too cold. Thus, the bathroom atmosphere makes residents feel more comfortable.

The black color also applies to the parts and accessories such as floor mats, vases, or a picture frame so that the impression of an elegant bathroom is strong. These bathroom interior designs we see in the pictures are made by designer Paola Navone. He creates a special design called “Coco Collection” for Falper, an Italian based company. This unique set of furniture stands out with the beautiful textured facade, in black and white contrast. Black and white color also symbolizes a timeless environment that many house eager to have. These bathing units also have a spacious environment to can be filled with various bathroom necessities such as the sophisticated oval mirrors. The ceramic sink is also represent an era of modernity and elegance. Overall, this bathroom design gives an impression of minimalist and elegance.

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