Cedarvale Ravine Home Sticks Out Freshening Atmosphere

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My cousin has moved to Toronto, Canada for essential business that determines his comfort lives in future. I initiate to visit his new house and get in touch since we have not seen for several years. He says that his Cedarvale Ravine Home is built with different design from previous house. Thus, I am interested to look around design of house in detail. It is built in geometric architecture including cube shape. This house is full of glass bay window and glass doors so living spaces can be seen from outside. Even, flat roof of this house is planted with ornamental plants as upstairs garden.

This house is surrounded by leafy trees that give fresh look. I find outdoor pool equipped with outdoor lighting that spread amazing lighting effect. Terrace of this house is equipped with wooden floor. I find colorful chairs on terrace. This terrace is enclosed with glass wall living space. Cedarvale Ravine Home architecture is inspired by Drew Mandel Architects ideas. Living room in this house is designed in one block with other living spaces. Modern sofa in orange color is equipped with white round coffee table. Warm fur rug layers floor under this furniture.

I can enjoy freshening scenery outside through glass walls and glass windows applied in this house. From here, I can see glossy white dining table surrounded by white side chairs. These side chairs are crafted of acrylic in order to be more durable. Marble floor fitted around living spaces looks so sleek and shiny. Wooden TV setup with high gloss finish is set nearby living room.

I climb up wooden staircase to see interior Cedarvale Ravine Home architecture on upstairs. This staircase is supported with glass railing. I see different material used to crafted work room floor and living room since work room floor is crafted of laminate flooring. Wooden desk is equipped with drawers and red ball chair in this room. I like to stay at this work room because it offers green view of scenery outside that refresh my mind. At night, when lights are turned on, fascinating lighting effect can be seen perfectly, especially outdoor lights.

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