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Living Room Spaces Wooden Floor Wall Muran Statue Decoration

Stylish Living Room Decoration for Style

Like it or not, living room decoration is still an important aspect of every living room in this world. Well, living room does have its own furniture in its own. However, that is not enough. There needs to be something that should decorate the living room without the dependence of the furniture whatsoever. For this reason, I am going to give some ideas about the decoration of the living room…

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White Marble Floor White Bed Sofa Inspiring Pendant Lamp (10)

Amazing Gallery Living Room Design in Casa Cor

Have ever seen a house that full of art work? I have. The event happens last month when I want to buy some art work for my office wall. My friends brought me to some house that makes me wonder why he taking me to this place while I want to find some artwork. When the first time I enter the house, all of my curiosity is answer by a…

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Minimalistic Metallic Legs Glass Tables White Vas

Sleek Glass Tables with Charisma

There is nothing new about the existence of glass tables. There is no need to define them either, because their name literally lives up to their physical appearances and looks. They are just table made of, well, glass! We see them in our daily lives so often, from the living room to the department stores, that we barely notice them anymore. Well, start noticing them now because I am going…

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Comfortable Brown Sofa Chair With Big Flat Screen TV Brown Fur Rug And Panels Mild Local Lighting And Mirror Glossy Black Glazed Table For Unique Living Room Interior Design

Unique Living Room Interior for the Musicians’ Family

Making a design for people with specific profession will be quite difficult. People usually like to make their room suitable with their profession. As for a musician, having a comfortable living room will be interesting. In this room, they want to be able to play their instrument with all the family members in comfort. Accepting the challenge, the creative team of Geometrix Design is making the eccentric living room interior…

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Fireplace Design Ideas For A Warm Home During Winter Woode Floor

Fiery Modern Fireplaces with Style

Since modern design is something that is booming right now, of course there are modern fireplaces also. Now, there needs to be some explanation about fireplaces with the word “modern” at its front. These kind of fireplaces are no other than fireplaces that are not in traditional style and design, meaning that it is no longer a fireplace with brick and chimney. Seeing the trend in this kind of fireplaces,…

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Minimalist Furniture For Modern Living Room White Tv Cabinet Black Fury Rugs Black Simple Chair Design

Elegant Modern Living Room for Everybody

I am starting to notice the trend of modern style and design in many houses, and this can visibly seen in modern living room I have encountered these days. I visited around ten houses for the past three days, and I notice that more than half of those houses installed modern design in their living rooms. Curious about this trend, I decided to search for some modern designs for living…

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Modular Carpet Tiles With Sun Design Ideas White Cabinet White Wall

Refreshing Modular Carpet Tiles for Something New

Though it is not something that can easily be seen, modular carpet tiles are starting to emerge as a new kind of trend in the designing world. Before we move on, let us describe what kind of tile that is first. They are tiles that are installed differently, since the tiles are not the parts of the floor design. The tiles have different style from the floor’s, and they are…

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Plasma Television Screen Living Room Inspiration Idea Glossy White Floor White Wall

Simple Flat Screen Television Tips for Everybody

Flat screen television is a part of our daily lives now. Not a single living room in this world is not decked with flat screen now. This ir proven when I visited my relatives’ houses during Christmas where I usually visit their houses out of habit. I realized that all my relatives do not have that old-fashioned bulky television now but instead flat screen that is thin and sleek. Of…

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Nice Orange Fogazza Abstract Tiles

Colorful Abstract Tiles for Fun Rooms

I am sure there are not many out there that have seen or used abstract tiles before. Before we move on, let us talk about these tiles with the title “abstract” written on it. These tiles are no other than tiles that have many different colors painted on each tile. From pink to blue, yellow to green, everything is on these tiles. Of course, being abstract, some of these tiles…

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