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Luxury Interior Living Room Brown Leather Sofa Chairs Mini Fireplace Stone Wall Ideas

Calming EHA Family Trust Residence for Perfect Vacation

For those who want to forget the busy aspect of the city and indulge themselves in nature, they should definitely try the EHA Family Trust Residence. Located in Wyoming that is famed for its greenery, the residence is strategically designed so that the residents can get the peace they needed during vacation. Moreover, the designer also managed to design the residence beautifully, perfecting the calming ambiance of the location. Honestly,…

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Chaise Lounge Chair Round Table Wooden Deck Iron Railing

Amazing Contemporary House Design in Johannesburg

Last year, I went to my family house in Johannesburg, South Africa. I went there to meet my old time family that hasn’t been meeting in several years. I don’t expect anything great in there. Don’t mean to despise the beauty of South Africa, but I really don’t expect anything good I there. But, the first time I saw my family’s house, my jaw was just suddenly dropped because I…

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Futuristic Floating Residence White Floor

Creative H3 House Showing Passion

Passion for hobbies or for collections does not have to be showed through action only, as the H3 House showed the passion the resident has. Built on a land in Athens that is more than seven thousand meters in size, the house shows the resident’s passion for yacht. How can this be done? It is no other by, of course, the exterior design of the house. 314 Architecture Studio managed…

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Green View Wooden Ceiling Glass Windows

Rustic Greenland Road Residence for Peace

For those who want to know how it feels living in a rustic place, they should definitely check out the Greenland Road Residence project. Contrary to its name, the house itself is located in Atlanta’s Georgia of America. The house has a rustic ambiance that is really condensed, as every corner of the house is made out of wood. The house also has a great interior design that will charm…

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Glass Wall Elegant White Sofa Sparkling Ceiling Light Cushy Woolsack

Amazing Offset House’s Design

A house with unique geometrical shape and design always has something unique in its own, and Offset House is no exception. This house that is located in Sao Paolo of Brazil is unique in booth its structure and design making it famous throughout the world because of that. Many admire its beauty despite of its odd shape. Moreover, the beautiful interior design and outside view of the house just add…

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Extraordinary Elegant Design Wooden Table Wooden Chairs Wooden Cupboard

Great-Looking House Near Moscow as an Example

Stumbling upon great houses might be some of the greatest accidents in life, and this what happened between Manolo Yllera and the house near Moscow. This is a great accident though, because thanks to this accident, the hidden gem that is located nearby Moscow is finally revealed to this world. This hidden gem has such amazing design that I am encouraging the designers to use this work as inspiration at…

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Modern W Exterior View House Stone Fence

Distinct W House for Luxurious Living

Some houses are famed for its design color, but the W House has both of them. Located in Thailand’s Nakhon Ratchasima, the house has a distinct design that is luxurious and elegant. However, the same goes for the color of the house since the house has the unique combination of red, brown, black, and gray. Trust me, everything about this house is so unique that those who see this house…

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Backspalsh Light Porcelain Bath Tup Glass Shower Cabin Cool Basins

Amazing House Design in Canada

Have ever seen a house design that you will never forget? I have, and if you haven’t, I believe that you need to see this shoreline house design that owned by my business colleague. When I go there for business meeting, I don’t expect that his house will be this amazing. Everything in this house is extraordinary. My curiosity leads me into some questions that might become reference for me…

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Fresh Bathroom With White Closet On Wooden Floor Also Small Pot Plant Next To White Sink

Modern Office House for Overnight Guests

As a busy family that works at home, an office house will be a perfect choice. For a family with many guests that often come to your house, or when you often get overnight guests, you need extra bedrooms and large space for you and your guests. Located in a historic downtown New York building, Adi Gershoni has created special loft for the busy family with husband and wife that…

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Extraordinary Minimalist Eco Friendly House Stairs Hanging Lamp Lighting Concepts Wooden Floor

Beautiful Contemporary Home Design with the Unique Home Shape

If the modern home style become popular as the home design ideas it can be separate from the contemporary home design that always support in the modern design ideas of the house. The contemporary design is affecting the shape or the arrangement in the exterior or interior part of the home design. The contemporary ideas usually show from the unique shape of the house with the contemporary shape style of…

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