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Geometric Architectural Building Glass Bay Windows Rocky Bank Cool Ocean Water

Beautiful Villa Design in Caribbean

I believe that everybody knows about Caribbean Island. Yes, one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Fortunately I have a friend that runs one of the best resort and villas in that island. Last summer I went there and wanted to see about what he talking about and you know what? I am absolutely amazed. Now I know why he always call the villa that he run as…

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Stylish Sofa Glass Bay Windows Sophisticated TV Setup Low Coffee Tables

Fantastic Villa Design in France

Last summer, I and my family decided to go to some beautiful view villa to spend the holiday. We searching through the internet about the perfect place to spend our holiday and the decision come to a great villa design in French. It is located in French Riviera to be exact, the place that only needs 15 minutes’ drive away from Monaco. We found the picture that we see on…

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Glass Railing Wooden Floor Wooden Padded Chair Dark Fur Rug

Contemporary Malibu Home as the Perfect Living in Malibu

One thing that you cannot forget from Malibu is the contemporary Malibu home which is existing there. Malibu is one of the favorite places for the people so that many people are interested to build a house there. The perfect location to support the Malibu environment is commonly next to the ocean or beaches. It is because Malibu has wonderful beaches from the Pacific Ocean. This condition can be one…

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Geometric Architectural House Minimalist Garage Glass Bay Windows Green Front Yard

Cedarvale Ravine Home Sticks Out Freshening Atmosphere

My cousin has moved to Toronto, Canada for essential business that determines his comfort lives in future. I initiate to visit his new house and get in touch since we have not seen for several years. He says that his Cedarvale Ravine Home is built with different design from previous house. Thus, I am interested to look around design of house in detail. It is built in geometric architecture including…

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Awesome Sea Ranch House In 2013 With White Floor And Wooden Drawers Mirror Glass Transparant In Bathroom Design

Contemporary House Design: Sea Ranch House

Sometimes contemporary house design can be produced by super renovation project. That is what we will see in this stunning sea ranch renovation project. This amazing renovation project is done by Marcus & Willers Architects. The original house is the old sea ranch build in 1965 and now it is become one of the most beautiful contemporary house designs that you can find out there. There are a lot of…

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Minimalist Garden Rock Path Warm Lighting Fresh Indoor Plant

Astonishing Modern House Design

Last week, I go to a place that has a very attractive house design in Canada. I went to that house to personally see the work of famous Canadian house designer named Rick Shean. I am going to redecorate my house and my friend suggests me to ask Rick Shean to help me. Before I trust him with my project, I need to see what he capable of. When I…

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Amazing Glass Ornament Indoor Plants Elegant Dark Sofas Colorful Sofa Cushions

Casa Arboles Designed with Unusual Glass Ornaments

My boyfriend has bought a new house namely Casa Arboles. He wants me to see living spaces around this house. I appreciate design of this house that seems different from other modern house. He says this house is designed by Munoz Arquitectos Asociados. I see garden designed with sophisticated architecture I walk on wooden path designed on garden to connect a main living space with other ones. Likewise, another modern…

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Studio Hosue Design Wooden Dining Table Rustic Brick Wall Wooden Ceiling With Hanging Lamps

Cool Home Studio in Unusual Modern Design

What if we have to combine our office and our home or creating home studio? It seems that it is not an easy task. Combining the professional and private space can be so complicated. The space must look professional as an office. At the same time, the space must look cozy and comforting as a residence. This studio of an artist in Brooklyn gives you a representative example of the…

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Laminate Flooring Untreated Wood Divan Glass Bay Windows Modern Nightlight

Great Mountain Location House to Challenging You

If you are an adventurer who likes everything challenging, this great mountain location house could be the correct choice for your house location. This residence is located in the top of mountain so that it allows you to see the view from the top. This kind of house can be the perfect houses to have some quietness there because you will be interrupted by the neighbors who are not exist…

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Stainless Steel Tap Rocky Foreshore Wonderful Beach View Stone Tub

Detailed Casa la Punta and its Beautiful View

Not many houses has such grandiose detailed natural view on for their outside scenery, and Casa la Punta is one of them. Located in the city of Punta Mita, one of the cities in Mexico, it has the privilege not many urban houses have: view and landscape. Being nearby a body of water, this amazing house in Mexico has a beautiful view not many houses can rival. Knowing the advantage…

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