Casa Arboles Designed with Unusual Glass Ornaments

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My boyfriend has bought a new house namely Casa Arboles. He wants me to see living spaces around this house. I appreciate design of this house that seems different from other modern house. He says this house is designed by Munoz Arquitectos Asociados. I see garden designed with sophisticated architecture I walk on wooden path designed on garden to connect a main living space with other ones. Likewise, another modern house, glass accents dominate this building to give large and bright view inside.
Terrace of this house is crafted of wood. Around garden there is rectangle outdoor swimming pool which is crafted in rectangle shape. In my view Casa Arboles residence belong to luxurious house decorated with inspiring ornaments. Interior design of house is full of marble floor. I sit cozily on modern sofa in dark color made of leather. This sofa is embellished with colorful sofa cushions. A rectangle coffee table made of untreated wood is set in living room.
From this living room, I can see design of dining room that is furnished with modern dining set. Dining table is decorated with white gloss top that looks so shiny and clean. Stainless steel table top perfectly embellish this table. Glossy white dining table is equipped with dark color of side chairs in modern style. I am surprised of glass ornament set nearby this living space. Floor glass ornaments are shaped as if it cracks and then form random pattern. While abstract glass ornaments stand above this glass floor. In addition this glass ornament spread unique lighting effects.
Wall mural containing abstract sketch adhered on bead board in this room. I walk through corridor which is embellished with artistic wall mural. Other living spaces are layered with laminate flooring. Modern hidden lights are fitted on ceiling over living spaces that spread soft light. Almost all bead boards in futuristic Casa Arboles residence are embellished with artistic wall mural. This house looks so great at night when all lighting turned on because from outside, precious living space design can be seen clearly. What makes this house looks fresh is greeneries planted on garden.

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Colorful Sofa Cushions Elegant Sofa White Marble Floor Wooden Coffee Table

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