Carefree Jumeirah Vittaveli Resort’s Relaxing Design

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For those who want to have a relaxing vacation without having to fuss over it, they should definitely try visiting Jumeirah Vittaveli Resort. The resort located in the deep of Maldives has around ninety private villas and suites, giving the privacy that is needed for the perfect vacation. To make it even better, the design of the suites are nothing formal at all. The buildings are designed with relaxing design so that the guests can enjoy the relaxing ambiance of Maldives as much as possible.

Free and Enjoyable Jumeirah Vittaveli Resort

Every corner of Jumeirah Vittaveli Resort in Maldives is meant to give the freedom needed for the guests. The private swimming pool, for example, is simply decked with wooden veranda that has simple cream reclining char. There is also the mini gazebo at the side of the swimming pool, so relaxing outside is definitely possible. Some of the villas have front parts made of wooden veranda that leads to the stony garden, and the veranda is decked with white sofas and related furniture so that the relaxation outside can be done properly. As it can be seen, the resort has sections meant to enjoy the beautiful nature of Maldives.

Of course, that does not mean there is no natural freedom whatsoever inside. In fact, the Nisei might be even better because the rooms are made of glass walls and doors, giving natural backgrounds for the rooms. The rooms are mostly in minimalist style, such as the bedroom that only has white beds, tables, and so on. The bathroom is pretty spacey too, as the furniture are placed separately, especially the bathing box that is merged with the stone wall of the room. Not only outside, but the inside also has the space needed for the relaxation and freedom of the guests.

Fresh Maldives in Jumeirah Vittaveli Resort

Though the description above might not be enough, I am sure the pictures can show the carefree design of the resort. This, combined with the natural ambiance surrounding the resort, will give the fresh and enjoyable vacation that will not be gotten easily. So what are people waiting for? Hurry up and visit the comfy Jumeirah Vittaveli Resort in Maldives for the great vacation that will only happen few times in the lifetime!

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