Brilliant Modern Bachelor Pad

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Living in apartment which has modern bachelor pad and then completed with modern furniture, maybe some people will comfortable for living in there. This apartment design in Taipei used this apartment design. My friend lived in this apartment and he also completed his apartment with modern furniture design.

Interior Design of Modern Bachelor Pad

Related to this situation, living in modern apartment which has modern bachelor pad design is common activity for this day. If you want something different and want looks modern to your apartment, you can use this design for your apartment or your penthouse. My friend who is living in modern apartment used this design and his apartment is very comfortable.

Even with the small spaces, his apartment looks so amazing because he used modern touch for the interior and furniture design. For using removing two bricks for the kitchen and living room, this apartment looks so simple with open floor concept. The living room used fabric sofa and then completed with sofa pillow. The dining room and the kitchen also have beautiful design. The kitchen design used modern kitchen cabinet and the dining furniture also used modern design. The dining chairs used upholstered chair design which combined with aesthetic touch. With round table dining design, his dining room looks so simple. With one floor design and open floor idea, his apartment used wooden flooring and the lighting also used good enough ceiling light. In most of interior design of his apartment is using wooden material but finishing with modern design. Well, his apartment is very comfortable and looks so incredible even with the small spaces.

Modern Bachelor Pad with Your Style

If you want your apartment has modern design with bachelor pad style, you can also combine with your own style. Like in my friend’s apartment, his apartment looks so modern and masculine because he used modern and simple interior design. You can choose the best furniture which has character and your own taste to realize your modern bachelor pad ideas in your apartment, and get the sensation and enjoy your moment with someone special.

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