Bright White Apartment for the Energetic Souls

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When people want a peaceful and breezy apartment, they would turn to white apartment. This is because of the fact that white apartment gives more airy ambiance and would make the room feel wider. However, Alvhem Makleri & Interior created a unique apartment that aims toward those who have energetic and bubbly spirits. If you are one of those people, maybe you should consider this white style of Alvhem’s style.

Unique Combination for a Spirited White Apartment

To create the bubbly mood on the pure white apartment, Alvhem focuses on the patterns and the ornaments of the house. Although everything about the structure is white, – the wall, the ceiling, and the floor – Alvhem plays with the accents on the structures themselves. The floor has vertical patterns as if it is made of wood. Perhaps the floor is made of wood that is painted into white. The white wooden walls that separate some of the rooms have rectangular patterns, and some pillars on the side are there to make the wall less plain.
Now it is time for the enchantments to make the white rooms look bright. Rainbow carpet is placed above the cozy blue couch and the white slim coffee table. On the white shelf on the corner of the room is where the colorful books are docked. A tiny green silk plant can be placed at the bottom shelf to make the place fresher. For the bed, it is placed on top of a blue frame with colorful photos of unique geometrical designs hanged on top of the bedroom. Of course, the colorful decorations on the wall are not in the bedroom only. It is everywhere, from the top of the blue couch to next to the white dining table that has a rainbow-colored centerpiece.

Lively White Apartment

The combination of rainbow colors with white is nothing uncommon, as many people have done this before. However, this one is different. The combination is balanced, and the designer is bold to place “rainbows” everywhere despite of the house’s size. By being bold, the designer created a colorful lively ambiance for the house. The pure white apartment Scandinavian style might be something that does not stand out, but the ambiance it gives does.

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