Breezy Attic Penthouse Filled with Furniture

Attic Penthouse  Large Bookcase Sloping Window Wood Dining Table

A penthouse with attic style can be considered as something annoying because of the amount of storage rooms despite of its small size, but little do people know that the attic penthouse can be designed with style. As long as the colors in the penthouse are bright and the furniture is placed neatly, the house will definitely look great and amazing. If a penthouse with attic style is designed with style already, I am sure the rest can do the same thing also.

Neat Attic Penthouse

An attic penthouse in Stockholm would be the perfect example of a stylish house designed with attic style. The house is in pure white for the ceilings and the wall, while the floor is made of wood with bright brown color. The slanted wall might make the room smaller, but that is the perfect location for the window so that the slanted section of the house will get some natural light, making the house less gloomy. The slanted section can also be used for book shelves so that the section can be used properly. To make the house less crowded, make sure the chandeliers used are not that much. For the replacement, the ceilings can be installed with lamps so that the house can save space while having some romantic ambiance at the same time.

For the furniture, the person does not have to use little furniture. As long as the furniture has bright colors and placed neatly, everything will be fine. For example, round neon blue carpet can be placed below the gray couches that are decked with blue pillows. The middle of the living room can be decorated with glass square that has synthetic woods inside it. Carpet with stripes can also be used for the dining table set that consists of wooden table and chairs.

Stylish Attic Penthouse

As it can be seen, the house is neat and greatly decorated. Some of the ornaments are placed in strategic places such as the square sections of the wall and the white walls. The furniture is also neatly placed with its unique design, making the house more unique. Trust me, even penthouse in attic style can be decorated with style, and this stylish attic penthouse in Stockholm is a proof of that statement.


Attic Penthouse White Staircase Artistic Adornment Arched Window

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Glossy Dining Table Arched Window Black Barstool Attic Penthouse

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Rectangular Dining Table Attic Penthouse  Modern Side Chairs Unique Lamp Shades

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