Boutique Hotel: Diamond in the Countryside

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This boutique hotel can really pamper your body, mind and soul. It has limited 12 suites, especially to spoil the guess private environment as well as preserve them with Medieval Greek atmosphere that definitely different from where they belong. Being here is feels just like home. I can find the inviting sense to stay here the same as I have with my own home. The outside environments give bold statement of nature with the use of uneven natural stone for its walls, pebbles paving on the floors and wooden paneling for doors, windows and pole.
The suite’s theme in this luxury boutique hotel is different one into the other. It is your choices of which one that fulfill your getaway dream. Basically each suite has two floors. The golden age suite selling point is the medieval beauty. These include arch suite door entrance, rustic wall coloring, and bold simple carved natural stone stairs. This will remind you for Zorro movie back in the old days. In the middle the room is hanging beautiful chandelier that shines through the living room on the first floor and the dining room at the second floor. This room definitely has old Greek ambiance from the smallest adornment to the grand carved furniture.
The other two suites have similar modern touch on Greek culture. Although modern, this room envies the eyes with the touch of earth pieces such as wooden plank for the living room ambiance from the ceiling, walls and floors. The first suite decorated with circular pattern that applies to o the sofa cushion and the lining in the beds. The second suite has more sleek design with single color tone here and there. The touch of Greek’s shown from the carpet in the middle of the living room and in the bed room.
The most enchanted suite really performs totally luxury boutique hotel tradition. It combines the hotel modern luxury, native tradition and the mesmerizing homey serving. The natural stone stands out with modest wall smudge, marble flooring, and wooden plank stairs. The living room is decorated with wooden ethnic carved games that is translate to a set or wooden game table and chairs. The table itself can be used for regular table. Another stands out furniture in this suite is an Indonesian carved living room chairs set next to the bed. It gives more inviting look to the hotel.

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