Bizarre Holiday Housing

Bizzare House Architecture With Transparent Glass Window And Wooden Material

It is said there’s no limit in design and one of the best proofs can be found on mountainous area of Linz, Austria. What you need to see is known as Ufogel Holiday House. The first time most people laid eyes on this structure, they will see it as weird and even a little bid bizarre and it is for certain really contrast with the classic Austrian buildings in this area. However, Ufogel is really designed like no other. Its designed is dominated by the shape of irregular geometry. To make it weirder, the structure is built on the stilts make it looks like floating above the meadows.

Ufogel holiday cabin is designed by Peter Lungman with an inspiration of prehistoric bird or even extraterrestrial home. The irregular façademakes it unique and reflects an eclectic spirit in some ways. From the architect point of view, this design is an interpretation of joyful simple life. Although comes with irregular bizarre shape, Ufogel is made of wood on every side of the structure makes it perfectly blend with lavish green environment. Large glass window helps create spacious atmosphere inside this compact housing and allows free view into the beautiful Linz sceneries.

This compact holiday housing is designed as single room cabin and it is obvious that it has limited space inside. But a part of its bizarre-shaped exterior structure, it offers relatively spacious interior for small family of four sharing together the space. The optimum use of the structure allows this compact cabin to have bedroom for two and extra sleeping room, kitchen and dining room, and also compact bathroom. All interiors are dominated with wooden finishes combined with glass partitions and metal details. When you are planning an escape from the stressful urban life, Ufogel can be the perfect sanctuary to refresh your body and mind.

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