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In order to get reference to design bedroom for my children, I initiate to visit my acquaintance that is an architect. He says that he has created his own house with unusual architecture that surely makes everybody surprised to see it. When I arrive at his house she allows me to sightseeing living spaces designed by his own ideas. But when I come into kid bedrooms I find interesting design of bedroom. Bedroom decoration in kid bedrooms in this house is really colorful.
He says that bedroom decoration ideas in this room are adopted from Tumidei. This bedroom is intended for his daughter. This bedroom is painted in white color and I find red color that gives feminine touch. Large bay window in this room makes bedroom atmosphere brighter. Casual bed frame in white color is embellished with heart shaped of red bed headboard. I am interested in bookshelf in parallelogram painted in red and white. Next to bed, I find red color of bedside table.
Large wardrobe is equipped TV unit. This wardrobe is painted in white with several red stickers. Those stickers are created in heart shape. Carpet that layers white marble in this room is polished in red color. There is glove chair is concealed with floral print cover. I also find other red heart shaped furniture that furnishes this bedroom.
Then he takes me into another bedroom which is embellished with fascinating bedroom decoration. This bedroom is created in grey theme that represents calmness and coolness. White bed frame is furnished with soft color of bed sheet. Floor is layered with white fur rug. On bed headboard, I find large bookshelf that is designed stretch length. There are many books and ornament bottle stored in this bookshelf. Bead board is painted in dark color. But floral painting on bookshelf and floral ornament hanging on ceiling give softness and precious look. Next to bookshelf there is desk with glossy dark top. Modern table lamp is applied on this desk. Modern swivel chair is fixed to complete desk. Grey bedside table looks so cute in small size. There are several unique ornaments applied on this bedside table.

Black Fur Rug Sectional Table Lamp Low Profile Bed Innovative Wall Decoration

Bright White Beadboard Modern Divan Box Bookshelf Yellow Wall Bars

Floral Decoration White Bed Frame Modern Acrylic Chair Bookcase Headboard

Heart Shaped Decoration Red Carpet Floral Upholstered Chair Parallelogram Bookcase

Inspiring Beadboard Acrylic Chair Red Themed Wall Bars Round Fur Rug

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