Beautiful Villa Design in Caribbean

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I believe that everybody knows about Caribbean Island. Yes, one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Fortunately I have a friend that runs one of the best resort and villas in that island. Last summer I went there and wanted to see about what he talking about and you know what? I am absolutely amazed. Now I know why he always call the villa that he run as one of the best because this beautiful villa design is one of the best villas I have ever seen in my life.

This place can be one of the best places to retreat and run from your hectic activity. Although I don’t stay there, my friends give the privilege to have a private tour in this astonishing villa design composition. Everything about this beautiful villa is just perfect. Everything seems carefully calculated to achieve the highest beauty. The construction and the materials selection that used to build this villa are absolutely amazing. The combination of steel, wood, stone and concrete has successfully made this beautiful villa’s looks become one of the best villas I have ever entered.

The Villa Design Interior Composition

The interior design that selected to fill this great villa design decoration is also one of the things that give significant contribution to the perfection of this villa. The interior design is the combination of modern furniture with contemporary and ethnic touch. You can see elephants statue that decorate the living room. This beautiful designed living room is also equipped with bamboo wall ornament that make this living room become more cozy and give traditional value in the middle of modern furniture.

Location of The beautiful Villa Design

The other thing that makes this perfect villa become more valuable is the location of this amazing villa. This beautiful villa is built on the rock of Caribbean shore. The wooden decks that build along the line that connect this house the beach seem perfectly blend with surrounding rocks. The view of the see is another point why this great villa cans possibly one of the best villas in the world right now. Villa design creation is about perfect combination of location and the architectural value and this villa perfectly shown that requirements.

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