Beautiful Scandinavian Penthouse Home Design

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When we know that home design in Scandinavia country used Viking touch for the accessories and ornaments home, like in my brother’s penthouse he lived in penthouse which has Scandinavian penthouse style in interior design. With Scandinavian style, his penthouse looks amazing because my brother also added some Viking ornaments in his penthouse to get the sensation about Scandinavian culture.

The Interior Design of Scandinavian Penthouse

Related to this situation, living in modern penthouse for today is ordinary activity. But if you want get extra ordinary experience, you can try with Scandinavian penthouse design ideas like in my brother’s penthouse. He used this design in most of interior design for his home. He likes Scandinavian style because he likes Scandinavian culture. Let me tell you about the interior design of his penthouse.

His penthouse used white color design for the ceiling and wall paint. The white color is adapted for icy condition in almost Scandinavian land. His living room also used white furniture design, he used white fabric sofa and he also completed with flat TV screen for his living room. In his kitchen and dining room, which is using open floor design also has Scandinavian style. His dining room furniture used Scandinavian touch, the dining chairs used upholstered chairs which has Scandinavian style and combined with modern design. The kitchen used modern design, completed with kitchen cabinet that made from wooden material. The floor design of his penthouse used glossy wooden, and that was really has Scandinavian style. If you know that the weather in Scandinavian is very cold and the resident usually used wooden flooring on their house to make their house feels warm with that. My brother also added wooden horse Viking ornament in his bedroom. His bedroom used modern and simple design. With two floors, my brother used circle stairs to get the classical touch.

The Sensation Living in Scandinavian Penthouse

If you want get the different sensation for living in your penthouse or your home, you can try with Scandinavian style for your interior design. You can also combine with modern design or maybe with your own style to get the sensation and comfortable. From this Scandinavian penthouse review, perhaps you can get the information about the best design for your house.

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