Beautiful Jasri Beach Villas and its Simplicity

Large Pool Exclusive  Beach Villas Black Roof Design

Enjoying the beauty of Bali in simplicity is possible now thanks to Jasri Beach Villas. Located in East Bali, the villa is placed somewhere in seclusion that is nearby the Indian Ocean, making the villa the perfect place for those who wants to spend their vacation in silence. The beauty of the surrounding and the spa-like design of the villa will definitely make one find peace inside the villa.

Harmony in the Design of Jasri Beach Villas

Even though it is small, the outside scenery of Jasri Beach Villas in Bali is still a treat for the eyes. Surrounding the villa is lush greenery that consists of fresh green grass and palm trees at the front and the back of the villa. Behind the palm trees are the beautiful Indian Ocean and the sun horizon that can be seen during twilight. There is also the pond with stone borders where the main villa built upon, adding another unique feature of the villa. At nights, the villa can be seen lit up beautifully from the lamps inside.
Beauty can also be found inside the villa. The bedroom inside has soft two double beds that are placed right across the veranda, giving the direct view of the scenery outside. There is always the bed outside though for those who wants to see the view closer without getting up. There is also the gathering room where the guests can meet up with each other while sitting on the black living room couch. There is also the billiard board for those who want to play billiard together as means of socialization. Dining is also option, as the dining table is made of dark wood that has been polished and refined. On top of the wooden table is where red flowers are placed as means of centerpiece

Peaceful Moment in Jasri Beach Villas

Despite of its luxury, the fact that the villa is not big in size is something that is easily noticeable. It is on purpose though, as the villa is created that way because it is meant for private reservation. This means that there will not be many people reserving the two villas at once. This way, the vacation can be spent peacefully without disturbance, and that is the whole purpose of the simple Jasri Beach Villas in Bali.

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Luxury White Bedroom Exclusive  Beach Villas Dark Blue Pillow

Small Pond Exclusive  Beach Villas Stone Touch In Garden

Traditional Dining Room Exclusive  Beach Villas Romantic Atmosphere

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