Beautiful Calivigny Island for Enchanting Caribbean

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The Caribbean has a beauty in its own that cannot be found easily, but Calivigny Island might be able to do that. In the south of Caribbean’s Grenada, this resort has an extremely strategic position that allows its guests to enjoy everything that needs to be enjoyed from the Caribbean. Lush greenery, blue of the ocean, steep hills – everything is there in this resort. Trust me; everything about Caribbean is packed in this resort.

Enjoying Caribbean from Calivigny Island’s Corners

Do not worry about missing out things, because Calivigny Island in the Caribbean is designed to allow its guests to enjoy Caribbean to the fullest. The resort has a uniquely-shaped swimming pool that directly faces the sea. At its side is where the grand double while reclining chairs are placed, decorated with pillows in red-orange stripes and white. For those who want to enjoy the beach more though, there is always diver bike that is placed nearby one of the gazebos of the resort.

The enjoyment of Caribbean nature does not stop there though. There is the jacuzzi surrounded with glass walls where the user can see the greenery outside. Traditional sculptures are placed here and there near the jacuzzi to create a more spa-like feeling adding more comfort to the user. From the wooden accented balcony of the private rooms, the guests can see the sandy earth that is decked with trees. Of course, at the end of would be the Indian Ocean that makes everything looks fresh right away. At nights, the gazebos near the beach would be lit up, revealing the rattan couches with white cushions and the rattan coffee table in the middle. This way, even the elegance of the night can be enjoyed by the guests. From every corner, the nature of Caribbean can always be felt.

Caribbean in Calivigny Island

As it can be seen, everything about resort is involved with nature. From its position, the furniture, the materials that made the resort, everything is natural. Of course, this means that the guests can feel the natural ambiance of Caribbean better than living in modern hotels. This way, nature literally fuses with the exotic Calivigny Island in the Caribbean, taking Caribbean inside the resort.

Calivigny Island Grenada Spectacular Private Retreat In The Caribbean

Classic Bedroom Greenada Calivigny Island

Spectacular Private Retreat In The Caribbean At Morning

Spectacular Private Retreat In The Caribbean At Night

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