Beachside Hotel: Recharge your Battery with the Beauty of the Environment

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This beautiful beachside hotel is offering me a never ending beauty. Located in Capri Island in Italy, this hotel only have 22 limited hotel room to really spoil every guest needs. Spacious room with the taste of modern and European style is part of the hotel great arrangement. The hotel is completely colored with white walls. But this does not mean it give the cold sense. Oppositely, the white colors bring the sense of luxury mixed with the warmth of the sun and the sea. With white, it is easier to match with other color and other natural elements.

As mentioned before, this is European beachside hotel style. The spacious bedroom in blue shows a lot of unique pattern that definitely show its region.  The poles in the middle of the room show the Greek-Roman style. The human statues of Greek-Roman style also scatter in this room, whether it is just a bust statue of a miniature of an athlete. Not only place on the table, but those statues also hang on the wall near the ceilings or in the corner of the room.

Since white is the basic color, it is easier to mix-match it with other color without looking dull. White gives the spacious room clean, sleek and sophisticated images. The unite of white with navy blue, lush green, cream, pale purple, yellow or even ivory gives the room sense of fun. Basic natural material to the room is woods, whether it is for the table and chairs, or even for the floors, doors and windows frame. To distinguish one area to the other, rugs are place around. One most appealing look is the sea scenery that you can see from any part of the room.

European beachside hotel scenery is full of nature’s beauty. The big outdoor swimming pool is very inviting whether n day or night. When you want to sunbathe, this place is perfect. Or if you want to unwind yourself after whole day getting out, this place is great to soothe your mind with the lamp on the side of the pool. Patio is another place that you cannot neglect. Who can resist the beautiful scenery in a very cozy wood sofa with white cushion? Overall, this place is really indulgence your body and soul.

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