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Bali resort hotel is one of the most appealing places to relaxing in Indonesia. It has unforgettable natural beauty with strong heritage for its culture. This hotel resort let you to unwind all the stress and feel the nature take place of your nervous. Being in the outside especially near the ocean always can make me feel that this is where I belong. This vacation is something I longed to wait after my daily activity. Leisure in modern life with the taste of traditional culture is hard to get nowadays.

This cliffhanger Bali resort hotel gives you the look of Bali from another perspective. While Bali is identical with ocean and sands, this hotel give you the natural sense for the sea breeze but without the presence of sands. This is perfect for those who do not like to be grimy with sands when you try to relax on this second home on yours. This place offer great range of comfort to please you after whole day traveling in Bali. You can try the swimming pool by the cliff and Jacuzzi or you can choose to spoil with indoor activity like playing pool or just simply enjoy the food at hotel restaurant.

Your nature sense in spoiled with the outside look of the ocean, mangrove trees and rice fields. You can choose your favorite place. Almost every room has its own personal pool with medium size. The pool surrounding is design with grey natural stone. The side of the pool is available if you want to unwind and get great massage healing. When the night comes, the beauty is unbearable. The ocean breeze touches you with romantic surroundings. The placing of candles as the light on the terrace table make you want to spend your night here just by the ocean and under the stars and moon.

The room has a very big opening with the glass windows placing all around the room. This allows you to feel the nature from around. This cliffhanger Bali resort hotel concept is placing nature to your life. Water element became the most important thing in the room. When you open the room it is either you look at to the open sea or swimming pool.

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