Awesome Moment in Relaxing Our Body in Resort and Spa in China

Adolescent Railing  Stone Outdoor Furniture Fresh Greenery Cozy Resort

The feature of resort and spa are always becoming the destination for people who want to get the luxurious moment of having the spa and the relax moment. The name of this resort is called as resort and spa Chongqing. This is located in China area. It mixes the soft touch of the Ming and also Qing dynasty in China that has been famous for the long periods of time. The thing that makes this spa feature becomes specialist on the combination of the spectacular oasis area with the inspiring design which is providing with the myriad feature.

Wonderful Resort and Spa Experience

Here I have some pictures about the scenery of this wonderful spa experience. It has the cozy place because it is located in Jialing River that is having the beauty of the hot spring feature on its area. It will surely attract people to visit resort and spa Chongqing again and again all the way. It has more than 30 suits of the spa feature that are becoming the best combination of spa moment in the resort. The villa is also being designed with the private style so that we would get a very perfect moment with such a fabulous pool on design.

Resort and Spa in China

The private terrace makes this resort looks stunning and also wonderful. The private are is also being designed in the area of the plunge pool with the hot spring area in the garden.  This is actually the brilliant idea in order to create such an energized moment of the pool. It is made with the combination of the hot water pool that makes this pool becomes the most favorite hot spring site that people are keen on visiting. It is composed with the combination of around 30s spa areas and also the villa that have the wonderful feature.

The restaurant and also bar are composed with the combination of Japanese and also Chinese touch of the design concept. This place becomes the destination of people who would like to get the unforgettable moment in their daily time on the holiday time. The feature that makes this resort becomes unique is on the using of the ancient healing therapy that has the original design all the way. The spa feature becomes the most favorite feature on oriental resort and spa Chongqing in China.

Chaise Lounge Chair Above Ground Swimming Pool Glass Railing Peaceful Mountain Scenery

Convenient Spa Artistic Bas Relief Unique Teapot Ceramic Cups

Ethnic Pattern Railing Laminate Flooring Modern Floor Lamps Wooden Furniture

Extraordinary Sunset Pleasant Lake Mountainous Background Sailig Boat

Fantastic Waterfall Cool Greenery Rocky Cliff Peaceful Greenery

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Preety garnish Tempted appetizer White rectangle plate Traditional spices
Mountain view Wooden deck Stone bath tub Chaise lounge chairs
Stone staircase Ethnic design rooftop Artistic gateway Inspiring greenery
Wooden deck Mountainous background Inspiring pool Black layer
Chaise lounge chair Above ground swimming pool Glass railing Peaceful mountain scenery
Leafy trees Chaise lounge chairs Stone wall Warm outdoor lights
Wooden spoon Traditional cuisine Ceramic plate Antique crockery
Soft table lamp Laminate flooring Wooden dining table Rattan arm chairs
Marble floor Inspiring hidden lights Wooden desk Lacquered bed frame
Convenient spa Artistic bas relief Unique teapot Ceramic cups
Extraordinary sunset Pleasant lake Mountainous background Sailig boat
Great outdoor lights Wooden deck Outdoor furniture Leafy trees
Square coffee table Hidden lights Laminate flooring Padded love seat
High gloss finish bed frame Laminate flooring Sectional table lamp Glass door
Mountainous background Comfort resort Fresh greeneries Soft lighting
Laminate flooring Rattan chairs Hidden lights Glazed pot collection
Mountain view balcony Chaise lounge chairs Wooden deck Round coffee table
Rustic pillars Peaceful greenery Indoor pool Yoga action
Laminate flooring Glazed pots Precious restaurant decoration Ethnic partition
Rattan side chairs Long rectangle dining table Old floor tiles Fascinating hidden lights
Fantastic waterfall Cool greenery Rocky cliff Peaceful greenery
Natural pool Peaceful greenery Cushy chaise lounge chairs Pottery teapot
Laminate flooring Wooden divan Tough pillars Hidden lights
Ethnic pattern railing Laminate flooring Modern floor lamps Wooden furniture
Marble basins Great bath tub Soft hidden light Sliding glass door
Adolescent railing  Stone outdoor furniture Fresh greenery Cozy resort
Sectional sofa Dark brown coffee table Mountain view balcony Rustic lantern
Soft hidden light Ethnic partition Laminate flooring Hexagon dining table


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