Awesome Enclave House in the City

Modern Extension Of A Heritage Residence Brick Wall Glass Windows

You cannot believe how modernization can make this heritage residence into a modern enclave house. Located in Melbourne, cultural capital of Australia, this house really has style. The house basically divided into two buildings. The main building consists of modern design while the second building is use for studio has rustic style inside. Between the buildings you can find garden and pool, allowing the tenant to have in house activity.

Enclave House Shape

From the front, this house has semicircular windows from the old times. Next to the windows you can find the entrance. The rectangular enclave house was build long to the back of the house which means from the outside the house look pretty slim. But after you entering the house, the room looks wider and longer. Inside semicircular window are used for study room where you can find fully white walls and ceiling combined with dark brown wooden plank flooring.

Designing Enclave House

If you look at the walls, almost all covered with white paint. The flooring also covered in white which give enormous space feelings to the house. At the end of the main building you can find big opener since it use wide glasses for the walls and sliding glass doors. Allows the natural light to come in and brighten the house. Inside you will see that between kitchen, dining room and living room leave no boundary at all, which give the entire room feeling of free, clean and sleek. The differences were made with providing different element and color to each furniture.

Come and see closer on the house. You will see that it has bold modern look with minimalist furniture and just a few ornaments on the walls but did not fails to make people inside feeling warm and comfortable. Especially when you get into the middle section of the house, there is a long pool and minimalist garden too soothe your eyes of green environment. If you see the house exterior, you will recognize the unique enclave house design on the upper floor with angled curved to protect the view from surrounding neighbor which allows you to have opening as well as privacy.

Modern Extension Of A Heritage Residence Brown Wooden Wall

Modern Extension Of A Heritage Residence Dark Wooden Floor

Modern Extension Of A Heritage Residence Green Garden

Modern Extension Of A Heritage Residence Grey Floor

Modern Extension Of A Heritage Residence Grey Long Sofas

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