Attractive Timber Homstead in Wrapping of Home Design

White Ceiling And Wall Also High Windows For Bright Interior Lighting System

Attractive Timber Homestead with its unique shape is one of the wish of every family, as here not to display a unique for all around, in the front of yard in this house made by a heritage worker’s cottage in New Zealand shows beautiful landscaped with paved describe the cool green grass homeowner’s heart. Paced the room arrangement does not make the owner feel bored for the eyes seeing it and they would like to say, wanna stay longer in this room.

The wall is almost about 65 % covered with transparent glass with hand placement which makes it easy to penetrate the eye without limiting to see beautiful view outside, which the eyes want to see. The Timber Homestead design has friendly design provides comfort for the residents to stay any longer. A living room, which can be noticed, is a living room with beautiful painting. Green color of the painting brings a beautiful view from the white wallpaper.

Walls with bright colors illustrate this house is never touched by flying dust, in the mix with the cooling of the earth’s natural environment although separated by transparent glass.this home offers several luxurious rooms. Like the open-plan kitchen mezzanine room, dining are, beautiful bedrooms and bathrooms and of course includes living room. All of the rooms provide luxury furniture, in order to give best service to the owner.

Elegant living room makes this house perfect, and some beautiful furniture brings comfort feeling to the guests stay there. Beautiful display of this room looks suitable with this modern building. Moreover, when we are going to the second floor, living room can be said as the relaxing rooms are good choice to get a comfort feeling. Some ceiling-light also becomes luxury ornaments in some parts of this Timber Homestead design idea.

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