Attractive Minimalist Bed with Glass Side Table

Glass Sidebed For Modern Bedroom Design Also For Bedroom Accessories

Sleeping unit design such as minimalist bed design in your home can determine your sleeping and resting experience. Many bedroom lack the minimalist design every bedroom should have. Instead, many people choose a contemporary design that has heavy atmosphere. This atmosphere can be a result of many ornaments, artwork or furniture in the bedroom. While it does create a fabulous atmosphere, it contradicts with bedroom design concept that needs much simplicity in its environment. A crowded bedroom will not create a great sleeping experience, thus will affect’s your daily performance.

This one sleeping unit is called SLEEPY and comes from an Italian architect, Angelo Tomaiuol. You can instantly see the minimalist design by its rounded shape, with almost no curves we typically see in a contemporary bedroom. This bed is made from fabric or ecological leather. And in the pictures, you also notice the presence of a minimalist table glass, which called BESIDE. Glass elements are also the main ingredients of a minimalist bed design.

The size of SLEEPY is quite large, with king-sized bed. This is suitable for a large bedroom. The bed frame had white color made from fabric, while the beddings are brown colored. Neutral color is the perfect color for a minimalist bedroom. The bed pillows are also had the same colors as the beddings. This bed contain only two colors, different from contemporary bed that usually different color on its bed pillow, bed frame and beddings. Maintaining a simple coloring in bedroom elements is also important in a minimalist design.

Remember that minimalist style need little decoration and decorative elements as possible. Maintaining a minimalist interior in the bedroom should be easy. For the bedroom wall interior, a single one artwork and single clock could do the trick. There is no need to put many ornaments or furniture in a minimalist bedroom.

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