Attractive Colorful Family Home Design for Coloring Your Day

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It will be interesting to have colorful family home design like what has been shared by House design Co. If modern house is identical with minimalist house design and the use of monotone color such as black, white, and grey, this 265 sqm family home can take apart the platform. The house use various color to decorate the interior design. Actually, this family home is renovation project. It was previously dark and didn’t colorful at all. Then it is turned to be brighter than before.

The family house which is situated in Thailand has colorful interior design that is different from the concept of minimalist house. Do you want to see the appearance of this colorful family house? let us check it out. First room is the kitchen and dining table. Is it colorful kitchen? Well, here is the answer. The kitchen is design in white color. But the colorful part here is appeared from the furniture. The kitchen cabinets are adding joyful atmosphere with its bright green and vivid red colors. Meanwhile for the dining table, it is bright green in color combining with colorful pendants lamps floating above the dining table. The chair around the table is in natural wood color. The uses of large glass windows are beneficial to allow the natural light come into the house. It can lighten up the room.

Let us move to the living room. The living room actually uses white and beige color. So is it colorful living room? Yea, although the basic color is white, but it can be colored by the furniture that furnishes the house. For the living room, the dark color sofa is combined with colorful pillows on it. It is enough to color the living room.

If you want to have modern house design with minimalist style, you may have black and white color in your house. But why not trying another way? Black and white may be monotone color so you can add color to create cheerful atmosphere and what is in family house in Thailand can be colorful design inspiration for you.

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