Astonishing Modern House Design

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Last week, I go to a place that has a very attractive house design in Canada. I went to that house to personally see the work of famous Canadian house designer named Rick Shean. I am going to redecorate my house and my friend suggests me to ask Rick Shean to help me. Before I trust him with my project, I need to see what he capable of. When I get there, I certainly believe that this man is the right man for me to hire. The modern house design that he owned is perfect.
I come to his house and see the perfection of design. This great house located in Canada, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada to be exact. This amazing house is a two story box shape house that weaved by a beautiful set of garden. This modern minimalist house is about simplicity and maximum neatness. Mostly using hardwood for the exterior decoration, this house will provide you a perfect beauty of modern house decoration. This beautiful designed house is just perfect, everything seems proportional and in a great balance. Nothing to dominant, every part is work perfectly to create a great house design.

The Modern House Interior Design

I believe the garden that use to weaved this house is not the only beauty element that presented by this modern house design. The interior design of this incredibly designed house also deserves a credit from us. As we all know that the theme of this superbly designed house is modern, that theme is well presented by Rick Shean through the selection of interior design element. Everything is in the perfect proportion and balance. That kind of interior design representation will surely made this astonishing house becomes more beautiful when you enter the inside part of this perfect house.

The Modern House Exterior Decoration

The exterior of this modern house is mostly using hardwood. The high quality wood that set to become the beauty element outside the house. This wood facet using a clear coating finishing so the natural color of the wood is beautifully preserve and can stand the outside weather. Modern house creation is about balancing all of the simple elements to become one superbly designed house and Rick Shean has surely nailed it.

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