Astonishing Hanging House with Limited Land Space

Hanging Home Sculptural White Cube Glass Windows

First look of this hanging house you will be amaze with construction of the house. The house was built in uneven land and there are three stages inside including basement, ground floor and first floor. The reason why this house is so unique is because it located in 250 square meters where only 40 percent of the land can be built by the rules of zoning regulations of the state area. It means there only a little space left to be built in the land. But this did not stop the architect to build the house to fulfill the house owner needs.

Placing Hanging House Rooms

Since they cannot build widespread, then the idea was to construct vertically. The basement can hold up into three cars to be parked inside. If you look at the floor plan, the basement not only for garage but also for service area which also have small kitchen and dining room. To compete with small space, they use lift instead of stair here. The ground floor has a quite big pool which design to adapt with the land form. Above the pool is the hanging house area where you can see dining area inside. This is another idea of how to manage building in such a small space and the reason why is called hanging house since it is look like the house is hang above.

Hanging House Advantages

The dining room area, as you can see is built with wall opening which construct from glass. In day or night, allows you to feel like a part from nature surrounding. You can even jump straight to the pool since there is glass door at the end of the dining room to the pool. Of course if you wanted less light or more privacy, you can always take the curtain to cover the dining area. The house mostly dominated with white walls. But this did not make the house look sterile since there is some ornament that added to increase the aesthetic value.

You cannot stop by just seeing one or two area in this house. Take a look around there are many other thing that can amaze you. While the dining room is above the pool, the kitchen is mingling with the living room. Alongside with the activity rooms where you can see it leverage a little to give different expression. The room looks very spatial since there are no barriers between rooms. When the explanation seems not enough for hanging house design, take a look for you and be prepare to admire it.

Hanging Home Sculptural White Cube Green Lawn

Hanging Home Sculptural White Cube Grey Sofas

Hanging Home Sculptural White Cube Grey Wall

Hanging Home Sculptural White Cube White Long Table

Hanging Home Sculptural White Cube Wooden Door

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