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I know there are many hotels with unique design in this world, but none of them are like New Hotel and its “special” design. Located in Greece, the hotel has a design that that definitely makes many frown in disbelief, but its design will definitely make people want to feel the unique design by themselves. That is the charm of this unique hotel.

Brown in New Hotel

The first thing people would see when they enter New Hotel in Greece is the color brown. Yup, that is what the hotel is all about. The hotel tries to get closer to nature as realistic as possible so that the guests can feel the beauty of nature inside the hotel also. In the dining room, each dining table set has “carpet” in the form of grass field in circling form to adapt the dining table set that is in circle. The chairs themselves look like tree barks as they are covered in brown cushions, while the chandeliers also have the same fate of being in brown. As for the pillars, they are like tree logs because of their appearance that is covered in small woods extending as the pillars go up the ceiling. There is a modern section in the dining room that is decked with red velvet couches, but the fate of the chandelier is still the same with the other chandeliers.

For those who prefer the outside beauty of Greece though, there are tons of ways to do so. There is the flat roof decked in wooden floor and furniture where one can see the urban area of Greece, including the famed tall hill of Greece’s. There are also big windows in the simple bedroom suite that has white bed, and the next to the window is where the makeup table is placed Putting on makeup while looking at the hill of Greece, is not that pretty cool?

Enjoying Greece through New Hotel

Who says that one can enjoy Greece by exploring it? Staying in a hotel can also make one enjoy Greece! I mean, look at the unique hotel. Even though it has a unique design meant to tale the guests’ attention, the designer also make sure that Greece’s scenery still shine in between the design. As it can be seen, Greece can also be enjoyed through this unique New Hotel in Greece.

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