Artistic Building Architecture in Korea with the Contemporary Design

Songwon Table1

Artistic building design is the most interesting place to be discussed. It is caused by the ideas that appear in making this building design. This building makes me feel very interested in seeing this building design. The contemporary shape of this building will make the people who see at this building design feel very amazed because of the unique and interesting design of this building idea. The Artistic Building Architecture is designed by Mass Studies. It is located in the traditional district of Seoul called Buk-Chon. This amazing design of the building will allow me to imagine the great idea for making this building design.

The Strategic Location of this Artistic Building Architecture

This building is located in the corner of the road. This strategic place will make this house become more eyes catching from the people who pass this street. The contemporary idea of this building is different from the other houses design. It has the rounded shape at the corner of this building. This corner place is very interesting. It also completed with the glass window that will allow me to show the situation outside this Architectural Building Arts. I feel very interested when I enter this building design. It is caused by the sleek and futuristic looks from this building that will make me feel very amazed.

Interior of this Artistic Building Architecture

The interior of this building also comes in the big dimension. It can accommodate many people in this place. This place is very suitable for the exhibition and also to organize the presentation inside this amazing building design. The most interesting design from this building is coming from the ceiling of this building design. The ceiling comes with the striped design that can increase the appearance of this building design. The decoration of the wall also will increase the artistic side from this building.

Completed with the sepia lamps design that will make this place become more interesting to visit, this building is also has the more interesting place inside this building. The food court area of this building is also available. I can eat my favorite food in this building design. The furniture that used in this food court design is also using the artistic furniture design that can enhance the appearance of this Art House Architecture.

Steel Contemporary Shaped Art Centre Dining Area

Steel Contemporary Shaped Art Centre Dining Area Details

Steel Contemporary Shaped Art Centre Dining Room

Steel Contemporary Shaped Art Centre Evening View

Steel Contemporary Shaped Art Centre Exhibition Design

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