Apartment Interior Arranged Innovatively As Ideal Dwelling

Flexible Casters High Gloss Drawer Backsplash Kitchen Cabinet Wooden Side Chairs

My classmate allows me to borrow some money for emergency needs. That is why I visit his apartment right now. After several minutes riding a bike, finally I can reach his apartment. His apartment is designed in small area and I assume that apartment interior look perfect with proper arrangement. This apartment looks luxurious and elegant with white decoration as primary theme in this apartment. White marble, ceiling and bead boards over living spaces are colored in white color.

I sit one white sofa that is designed in modern style. This sofa is furnished with white sofa cushions and dolls. Next to this sofa, I find sectional floor lamp functioning enlighten this room. Left side of sofa there is tulip table with chessboard pattern. TV setup on wall affords to minimize space in this room. Although this apartment is narrow, but it covers all living spaces needed by everyone. To make apartment interior design more sparkling, some hidden lights are fitted in different spots such as around windows, kitchen wall bars, drawer, wardrobe, kitchen cabinet, etc.

This living space is occupied as living room, dining room and kitchen. I find minimalist kitchen in white color. Kitchen countertop is layered with glossy white marble. Kitchen countertop is combined with Kitchen Island. Dining table is designed in one package with kitchen countertop. Above dining table, I find rustic pendant lamp in white color. Above kitchen countertops, there are wall bars equipped with hidden light. Kitchen cabinet is equipped with backsplash light.

Then I come into bedroom which is dominated with wooden decoration. Bed frame is crafted of wood so at a glance floor and bed frame melds. Desk next to bed is crafted of wood. Window in this room is concealed by venetian blind. Large wardrobe of laminate material seems so tough and classy to be applied in this room. One side of bead board is crafted of rustic brick wall. Wardrobe set in this room is supplied with hidden light that arouse warm and soft lighting effect. I am interested in chair that is crafted with polygon representing modern design of furniture. I think this is cozy apartment interior design that I have ever found.

Glass Shower Cabin Rustic Brick Wall Wooden Floor Warm Hidden Light

Great Hidden Light Wooden Floor High Gloss Finish Wardrobe Inspiring Hidden Light

High Gloss Finish Kitchen Drawers Wall Bars Inspiring Hidden Lights Unique Pendant Lamp

High Gloss Finish Wardrobe Mezmerising Hidden Light Wooden Floor Minimalist Bedroom

High Technical Washing Machine Backsplash Light Lacquered Kitchen Cabinet Inspiring Wall Bars

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