Apartment in Sydney Gives All You Need in Limited Space

Artistic Pendant Lamp Glass Wall Modern Toilet Backsplash Tile Bathroom

Today, my sister calls me up in order to bring some gowns for her. I feel tired bringing a large number of gowns to an apartment in Sydney where my sister lives. In this apartment I can see small space that sticks out multifunction concept. This apartment is compatible for single women like my sister because it is not too large but it is not too narrow exactly. My sister takes all of gowns and out them on sofa. This grey sofa is designed in modern style. It feels cozy and cushy. There is small round coffee table of wood to furnish this sofa. Fur rug in black color layers floor around this sofa.

I see an interesting wall mural adhered on bead board above grey sofa. Beside of this sofa, there is bead board in dark color where I find TV setup and four wall shelves consists of ornaments and books. Under TV setup, white wall bar is set nicely. This living space is surrounded by bay window of glass that is concealed with white drapes. Next to sofa, there is dining set that is crafted in modern style. Rectangle dining table is crafted of marble. Some side chairs made of wood are arranged surrounding this table. Floor in this living space is made of white marble too.

Kitchen furniture is dominated in wooden material. For instance, Kitchen Island, kitchen cabinet and kitchen countertop are crafted of wood. But surface of kitchen countertop and Kitchen Island is made of stainless steel. Kitchen cabinet which is equipped with glass door functions to store glasses. Under kitchen cabinet, I find backsplash lighting that enlightens this room perfectly. Range hood of kitchen is polished in gloss black. Glass containing flowers is put on corner of Kitchen Island to create fresh view.

I walk through corridor that is made of white wardrobe in gloss finishing. When I get into bathroom, there is backsplash tile over bead board in this room. Modern basin in white color is made of porcelain. Large mirror that is fitted in this bathroom will arouse wide visualization. Most interesting decoration of this bathroom is window that is crafted in circle enables me enjoy overlooking of town.

Backsplash Tile Bathroom Artistic Pendant Lamp Stainless Steel Faucet Large Mirror

Glass Door Modern Staircase Artistic Pendant Lamp Glass Wall

Gloss White Cabinet Precious Glassware Hidden Light Glossy Dining Table

Gloss White Sliding Door Shiny Floor White Beadboard Elegant Wardrobe

Glossy Kitchen Furniture Backsplash Light Elegant Glassware Modern Kicthen Cabinet

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